Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coffee Rules

I am a true coffee addict. Of course, in this day and age, who isn't? Coffee gives you that pick up that all of us need in the morning. It helps soothe our jangled nerves. Of course those nerves are most likely jangled because of your consumption of coffee, but who's paying attention? We need that boost in the morning to get us through the meetings, and whatever else we have going on.

At least I know that I do. I am a coffee purist. I don't put anything in my coffee. Black is how I like it. No cream, no sugar, nothing but caffeinated goodness. In a nice big cup with a sturdy handle. The morning paper would be nice with it, but that isn't necessary. I can enjoy a good cup of coffee with just the sounds of the world waking up around me. Everyone has the way that they like their coffee. But what the heck is this stuff that we look up on as nectar from the God's? Just what is coffee?

What we commonly think of as coffee beans are actually seeds. Did you know that? I sure as heck didn't. I remember the tv commercials from the 60's that showed Juan Valdez walking around with hands full of what looked like beans to me. But they aren't. What Juan had was seeds of the coffee cherry. Coffee cherry? That is is just craziness if you ask me.

After the cherries are picked, the outside husk is removed, and the beans are washed, then dried. After drying, they are roasted. Roasted coffee beans are how coffee is usually sold, though some beans are sold for home roasting. Interestingly enough, a lighter colored roasted coffee is higher in caffeine, and has a stronger flavor. Darker roasts have a smoother taste. I would have thought that it would have been the other way around.

After all that has gone on, it is ready for you and I. Either we buy it from some coffee shop or we buy to brew at home. Either way we do it, the coffee is ground and mixed with hot water and out comes that elixir that we all crave.

I do so love coffee.

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